Sunday, December 23, 2001

"The Cheek has left the building................." Santa's elves were very busy this week ! Santa, KD, cracked her whip into the wee hours of the morning. Several of the elves, Dave, Melly, and Eric, may be filling a formal complaint with Elf Local 111. But, the fruit of their labors has given birth to the all new and improved TheOtherCheekMy hat is off to them !!! ( I'd take off other stuff, too --- but I don't want to make them ill !!!! (Those elves have enough problems )

This is one of the best Christmas presents that I've ever received ! Not only do I now have a smashing new blog design hosted at Moveable Type but

"I'VE GOT COMMENTS !!!!!!!!"

YES, Virginia --------- there is a Santa Claus. She's my Interneck Fairy Godmother, KD !

I thank Santa KD and her elves, D, Melly, and Eric from the bottom of my heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!