Saturday, December 15, 2001

Re: Santa and other stuff from Shickshinny

That Brooks boy just loves to talk about "Shickshinny". Read him today !

Things that happened today, December 15th (9 shopping days till youknowwhat) : a. Had one case at the hospital this afternoon (it's my weekend on call: 64 hours with a pager around my neck like a noose). Psycho orthopod was in a hurry so we finished a hip repair in less that one hour---Yipee! b. Had a "special visitor". Was leaving for hospital when I heard sirens, whistles, and bells-------really startled me! Then, a man came running into our yard. "Do you have any small children ?" he yelled in my direction. I responded, "Why? What do you need?" (I was about to sacrifice the Cheek Husband to this guy---thought it was a reclamation effort of some sort) "Santa's here!" he replied. And, lo and behold, Santa came into our driveway on the Shickshinny firetruck. He had the naughty and nice list with him and he wanted me to check it twice. Especially the bloggers list----------what list do all of you out there in blog land think you were put? Not to worry, Hoopty old boy! I got YOU on the good list by merely "omitting" a few things. c. Started to plan my new blog page. This is sooooooo exciting. Thanks to Ciocia K and Stryj E! Now, those two are at the top of the Shickshinny Santa "nice" list. d. Finished decorating the porch. e. Fired up my brand spanking new Epicurean Kitchen Aid Mixer. I sent Joe to get a new one------I wanted the nice moderately sized 300 watt model. Well, seems this Epicurean model has about 100 plus more horsepower (wattage) so the Mr. bought it. Men and wattage-----what's that all about? I can know mix concrete in my own kitchen. New driveway anyone? I can get right on it. f. I'm enjoying some time alone.............the CheekChild has gone to work and the CheekHubby is gone to his mum's (his brother is here for the obligatory pre-Christmas visit)


It's a helluva time to move------- but due to the nature of the blogger beast and the snorland comments-------I really have no other choice. With the help of my Interneck FairyGodParents, Ciocia (Auntie) Kd (pronounced Cho-Chi) and Stryj (Uncle) Eric the html challenged OtherCheek shall be moving to a sub-domain over at

The blogwarming event shall be a gala event. Day, date, time, and url to be announced soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Dear Santa: Can u please send me the html for a freakin' comments section that doesn't disappear once a week? You must have a geek-elf somewhere in that pack of wee ones running around the North Pole! If he needs help please tell him to call KD. She can be found over at Surreally

P.S. If u can't send a decent comments section, send me a laptop.

Love, theothercheek
P.P.S. The vodka will be in the fridge this year. (YOU know where the rest of the stuff can be found.)


Ah, the morning after........Unlike a hangover, the coniption fit morning after has me feeling much better.I only regret I missed the premiere Zlist chat. You can't beat a good coniption fit. Try it--you'll like it. .

Wednesday, December 12, 2001


It was overdue---------but it happened tonight. I just finished my annual hormonal psychotic coniption fit of rage. Balancing one full-time and two part-time jobs while preparing for Christmas can probably get to a sane person (which I am not, but I bet it could). I screeched at everyone------"Not enough lights on the damned tree!" "Where are my lights on the damn deck?" "Who the hell put my papers on the damned desk?" (I say damn a LOT during these coniption fits (plus a few other words which might get me kicked off blogger forever). Even the dog gets it: "Look, Mag------it's physically impossible for you and I to occupy the same space. Want to GO to the SPCA? " (Of course , he only hears the word go and merrily wags his tail and looks at his leash.)

They could save themselves a lot of grief if only they would listen to me.To quote a very wise man I knew while growing up : "I tell them and I tell them---------- and STILL they don't listen.

Tomorrow is another day. I am not fit for human company so I shall skip the first ever ZList chat. It's for the best.

NIte, all.

More Surprises for KD !!!

Let's all run through KD's place Nekkid today! In honor of her birthday ! Ok, everyone ready? Grab YOUR Birthday Suit and let's go !!!

Who's that LADY? Sexy Lady!

Special birthday wishes going out to Ms. Kd of Surreally !!!

I met Kd on the net just a few short months ago. And, believe me it's been all my pleasure ! She's helped me immensely with my blog html (html challenged here as you all know) ! She's always got time for everyone!

She can be read at Surreally and at Bad Sam She traverses the internet with the speed of light----- leaving brilliant comments behind as she goes !

My sincerest wishes for a very happy birthday, Kd. May all your wishes come true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Nya Nya, Tracy ! I got the first official birthday wish post (e.s.t) ! So there! No matter what this blog time states: it's 12/12/01 12:01 a.m. here in Cheekville !

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Christmas Traditions: "First Star"

Being of Lithuanian descent, I've permanently borrowed a Polish Tradition at Christmas time. On Christmas Eve, as the first star twinkles in the sky, we will all sit down to Wiligia ("vi-lee-a ").

The traditional Christmas Eve supper consists of twelve dishes representing the twelve months of the year. No meat is served during the supper, only fish, usually herring, carp or pike. We digress from this menu because if we didn't no one would eat! Shrimp, haddock filet, and whiting will replace the carp or pike but the pickled herring remains part of the fare. Other traditional dishes appearing on the table include red borscht, mushroom or fish soup, sauerkraut with wild mushrooms or peas, dried fruit compote and kutia, a dessert especially popular in eastern Poland. Kutia is a puddiing of honey, nuts, etc. In it's place we have nut and poppy seed rolls. Boiled or fried pierogis, Polish dumplings with a wide variety of fillings, are among the most popular Polish dishes. For the Christmas Eve supper, pierogis are usually made with sauerkraut and mushrooms (our pierogi will be filled with potato and cheese) Straw placed strategically under the tablecloth signifies the birth of Jesus in a manger.

The meal will begin with the wafer which is specially blessed. It is passed from oldest to youngest at the table. There will be a toast and the feast begins!

This year we expect 14 people but there will be 16 places set at the Wiligia. In prior years there was always one extra place setting for Baby Jesus. This year I have decided to set an additonal place---- the 16th will be to remember those who are fighting for our country across the ocean------ those men and women who will not be able to share Christmas with their loved ones.

As we have no "Santa believers" at this time, we open our gifts on Christmas Eve. Someone near and dear to us has agreed to play Santa. I certainly hope he is practicing his Ho-Ho-Ho's as I write this blog.

At 10 p.m we are off to Christmas Mass.

We've grown so fond of this traditon-----------it's the 22nd Wiligia we're celebrating here in Shickshinny. 'Tis the reason for the season!

Christmas Holiday Cards

Time to write out the Christmas Holiday cards! A monumental task!

The first step is buying the cards. Oy vey! Matka Boja! Which card? Religious? Non-sectarian? Funny? Flashy? Tasteful? Engraved with our names? I can never decide so---- I've got them all!

Onto the next step--- addressing the cards. I never update my address book like normal people -----some addresses are written in the book very nicely----others must be found on the envelope from that person's card from the previous Christmas holiday season. Some are on post-it notes, some on scrap paper, and others I just look up in the phone book year after year.

Joe has the labor intensive job of physically taking them to the post office. He's forced to drive about 3 minutes out of his way, get out of the truck, walk into the post office, and hand them to Jim--- the post office guy. Phew! It exhausts me just thinking about it. The poor guy works so hard at spreading the holiday cheer, doesn't he? (<--- Note: extremely sarcastic tone here)

Now, which person/family gets which card? That's a spur of the moment decision. But, every year I have a favorite card--------this year it's the box of 24 cards I purchased at the Grandma Moses exhibit in Bennington, Vt. I bet your just dying with anticipation, aren't you? Which card will you receive?

The Cheek Christmas holiday cards go out tomorrow! Let's all hope Joe doesn't bend under all this pressure.

Monday, December 10, 2001

Z-List Zeelist Zlist

It's happening! It's now! It's for one all! It's all for one ! And ---- It's one for the road !

In case you missed all of this -------------a few short weeks ago, there was a revolution in blogville.

Click on the flashing sign to see the results!!!!!!!!!

"Christmas Memories"

One of my earliest Christmas memories goes back many years. I would wake up on Christmas morning and smell Santa! Yes, you read that right. I smelled him. I didn't have to look under the tree for the shiny gifts----I knew "he" had been there by a lingering aroma.

I have no idea what this "aroma" could have been. It wasn't foody or was more of an incense aroma. I can remember attributing the smell to his beard.

I used to be able to conjure up this "smell" but as the years have gone by it's become more and more difficult. I wonder what that aroma really was?????

Sunday, December 09, 2001


Last night's dinner party was hosted by one of my employers, C. (He's a periodontist and I administer anesthesia for his pts. on a per diem basis.) Dinner was at a local restaurant which is noted for it's fantastic food, nice atmosphere, and super wine wine list.

We were all having a great time when I noticed one of my fellow CRNA's behavior and that's when the sub-plot started. As I looked around, I could tell that the rest of the medical people had started noticing M's behavior, also. I could hear the underlying buzz of conversations even as the other "normal" party conversations were going on about us. "Jesus, look at him." "That's not just from being drunk..." M.'s speech was getting slurred, his actions were above boisterous, and he was getting out of hand. All of this and his appearance equaled just one thing to us: M was "using" again. Again.

The first I knew of his "problem" was approximately ten years ago.....he had been caught using while he was a student anesthetist. He went into rehab but he's relapsed so many times...

How does he get the drugs? Easy. The incidence of substance abuse in the field of anesthesia is mind boggling. Anesthesia personnel have "candy store" access to potent narcotics.We're most likely alone during cases for long periods of time.........and it's quite easy to substitute a few cc's of saline or dextrose in the narcotic syringe, keep the drugs in your pocket, and save them for personal use.

M's got a wife, two beautiful children, and a great job. He's also an insulin dependent diabetic. Unfortunately, M. has not hit bottom yet. Too many people did him "favors", covered up for him, and enabled the problem to happen over and over and over again.

Even C., our employer, had taken M. back after the last episode. Last night, C. sat next to me and said, "I was trying to tell you in the office the other day when you were there (other office personnel had been close by most of the day)........Tina, M's finished in my office. I'm telling him on Monday. I didn't tell him sooner because I didn't want him to come here tonight and cause a scene."

Maybe this time things will turn out differently. Maybe M. will hit bottom.I hope so cause I think he's going to die soon and I can only pray he hits bottom before he does............................