Saturday, December 08, 2001

Update #2: 3:35 p.m.

Que sera, sera...Got another outfit at the mall. A smashing little suede number in black! With accessories! So, no need to fear.....I won't be nude. Perish the thought!

I called Coldwater Creek re: THE outfit. Sadly, the outfit is in Allentown, Pa. about 2 hours south of here. Fed Ex had no excuses. Saturday Priority mail-------well, hopefully it'll show up someday. After all this, I'm still anxious to see it.

Shortly after speaking with them..........C.J., the wonderful person I spoke with on Friday, called me. She was all apologies. The way I look at it------no apologies needed from her. If there is a "bad guy " that surface in all this---------it's Fed Ex !

Finally, if this is the worst thing that happens this holiday season-----I'll thank my lucky stars.

All's well that ends well. I gotta go take a nap. Party time is 6 p.m. Cheers!

Coldwater Creek Update

Well, it's 10 a.m. est..........and no outfit. I did call them yesterday. Unlike Elvis, it seems my original order never left the building. I was lucky enough to get a compassionate and understanding person on the phone over at Coldwater Creek. CJ! She found another outfit in my size.......and they shipped it yesterday. Via Fed Ex Super Duper Overnite Rush Mail! At no extra charge to me! Now there's holiday spirit for you!

The dinner party is at 6 p.m. ..............

Will the outfit get here in time? Will theothercheek be forced to go in the nude? Will I be pretty? Will I be rich? Que sera, sera....................

Friday, December 07, 2001

Oh, Tannenbaum Oh, Tannenbaum How lovely are thy branches.......

The annual Cheek family trek into the woods of Shickshinny will occur tomorrow ! Trek? Woods? Me? Ok, I admit it. I am definitely not the trekking type. This is the ONLY time I trek. Reason being---- there are ANIMALS in those woods. Real live animals---- real live bear, deer, and racoons.......just to name a few. Enough said about that..........

Tomorrow we have a mission. That mission is to find the Cheek Christmas tree! The Christmas tree that will stand in the family room filled with decorations acquired over many years of wedded bliss. What's that? Do I hear some of you muttering? "What a shame to cut down such a beautiful tree!" Not to fret over this my Cheeky friends---------- see those trees lining the driveway? Can you see the smaller ones out front? Aren't they beautiful? Well, each and every one of those babies had the place of honor in the Cheek family or living room during Christmas........we take our trees with their root balls intact. Yessiree bob! Each and every one ! So, fret not. This years tree is on loan from nature as were all the others!

Thursday, December 06, 2001

Problem in Cheekville

Procrastination is certainly no stranger to me. For example, I ordered an outfit on November 30th from Coldwater Creek. The first dinner party (where I plan on wearing this outfit) is on Dec. 8th. Think I should have ordered it earlier? (I had the catalogue for at least 2 weeks.)

Is it OK to pray for St. Jude to help the UPS guy get it here before Saturday? The only other answer is the Mall. I hate THE MALL!)

St. Jude

Just wanted to thank St. Jude for all the help he has given me. He's been helping a friend of mine who's needs are great. And, he's been doing a great job! St. Jude Thaddeus Patron Saint of the Hopeless.

It figures.

"Click Me"

The Z-List blog is up and running. Come one, come all! We're open to to suggestions, critiscisms, and pats on the back. Special thanks to Mike B. for the wonderful graphics, Hoopty's comedic geniuis, Lori's uncanny skills with a puter, Tracy's organizational skills, and to me <-- I served the coffee!

To become a z-lister............just grab yourself a button , paste it on your site, and come on over. Or just c'mon over! Big fatty assed "WELCOMES" to one and all!

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Pretty Girl Marnie

There are times when I stay up pretty late crusin' around on the internet---I enjoy the peace and quiet. P&Q is a rarity in this house. There's always some crisis--- so I enjoy the time alone.

'cept I'm really not "alone". That's Marnie, the Cheek Cat, over there. I can always count on her to come around and inspect things.She likes to get my lap and take a catnap or watch the cursor buzz around. I don't know the conversion of cat to human years but she's 11 1/2 now. Her eyes are still bright and her coat is shiny but she's getting up there in age. She used to big old fluffball but she's becoming very very thin..

We rescued her from the SPCA but she didn't spend a lot of time at there. We went to the SPCA in the afternoon--- she had been dropped off that very same morning. I wanted an all black cat but the Cheek daughter got to pick out which feline would come home with us.

Marn's quite the talker. When I get home from work she's got pahlenty to say about her day. And, she can really drive her point home--- if I'm on the computer and she wants to be fed, she'll smack me with a paw in the back of the head. If I don't get up quickly enough to suit her, she'll sit and "cat-ise" me.

Marnie Monster is clearly an Alpha animal. She rules with an iron paw. She puts Magnus the Springer Spaniel, in his place daily. Harry the Rabbit? She hisses at him something terrible. But, the softer side of Marnie comes through cause she allows him to live here.

So, I'm not truly alone. Pretty Girl Marnie sits quietly by my side.

I'm very glad we didn't get that all black cat.

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Das Willkommen!!!!!!!

Das Linkmesiter ! Er steht auf der Liste !!!!!!!!!

Loosely translates to: Big Fatty Assed Welcome! To the Linkmeister! He is on the list.

The ZEE LIST, silly.

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!

Shelagh,TripeWriting , wanted to know more about Shickshinny. The town where the Cheek Family resides is called --- Shickshinny. ( American Indian for "Land of the 5 Mountains") Is it a real town? Hah! Is the Pope Catholic? Does the bear shit in the woods? Not only are we a "real" town.....we've got a town monument (for those of you who have met him........HE's back!) The town monument is located very conveniently across the street from the State Store ( liquor store for al you non-native Pennsylvanians). The folks over at the Edgar C. Scott Furniture store take care of "him". Bet we're the only town who pulls their town monument "in" at night!

Here he is .. in his holiday finery!

It was inevitable.........wasn't it?
Christmas in Shickshinny (Land of 5 Mountains)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in the Land of 5 Mountains. Shiver me timbers......what's this? Can it be true?

Monday, December 03, 2001

The Toad and the TripeWriter and A WildRose

F.A. ZEE LISTEr welcomes to CyberToad! Shelagh the TripeWriter! and WildRose!

Cybertoad hails from Houston! (Love those cow parade photos) Photography (more than cows here/she's an A&M grad--whattya expect? Visit her!

SHELAGHG! Love that spelling, girlfriend! A fellow insomniac, she hails from across the sea! She changes her blog template more often than BobtheCorgi changes Vera Bradley purses! Hurry on over! Her Christmas decorations are up! (QUICKLY! TemplatesbyS. subject to rapid change)

Hoopty, I know you've always wanted a "Den Of Iniquity" Merry Christmas! It's WildRose! Chemically induced redheaded stepchild ZeeLister!

Another one bites the dust.......

He's gone. All gone. All that remains is his final post. No comments. No forwarding address.

He just couldn't stand the heat so he once again---- got out of the kitchen.

I only wish we could view his stats. Dead weblogs = more hits than live ones. R.I.P. Padre.

Sunday, December 02, 2001

Martha Stewart Clark Griswold Is Alive and Well in Shickshinny

Incited by scenes from "Christmas Vacation", the 2001 Cheek Holiday Extravaganza is well underway. This "Clark Griswold" wannabe (Joe) has an edge on the rest of the neighbors. He's got a very willing accomplice --- Nana Griswold (much more will be blogged about Nana at another time!) ! Nana (aka Connie aka my mom) has been helping the Mr. reach his goal. His goal? (my fear) He won't stop until a separate generator ( or 2 ) is needed for the Cheek Holiday display!

Nana's latest addtion is pictured below: an illuminated 8 ft. motor driven self-inflating "SNOWMAN" !

Nana is hellbent on purchasing the illuminated 8 ft. motor driven self-inflating "SANTA" !

Can a generator's purchase be far behind?

Everything but the kitchen sink.........

We're for every blogger ! The ZEE LISTErs ! We've got it all but the kitchen sink...........and NOW we've got the Time Sink. Check it out!

Big F.A. Welcome to "Bloggin' at the Time Sink"