Saturday, November 24, 2001

My man, Hoopty, has his own brand of cereal. Eat a Hoopty Loop today. (Wasn't this the cereal old Mikey died from?)


They're not just for breakfast anymore !!!
Help, Please!

Seems we have a new holiday tradition in the Land of 5 Moutains--- and I'm not really crazy about this one. Friday, Nov. 23, I was meeting Susan and Dave for breakfast. Showered, got dressed, grabbed the camera, and then ............I discovered my car keys/remote were missing. The last time I saw this set of keys was Wednesday, Nov. 21st late in the afternoon.

The new tradition? Joe and I just finished going through a mountain of garbage bags but my keys are still missing. Going through the garbage for lost items seems to be the new holiday tradition. I'm not really crazy about it. Joe hates it even more.

It's time to call in the big guns. ST. ANTHONY Hello? Hello? Hello? Are you there?

Prayer to St. Anthony Patron Saint of Lost Things St. Anthony all dressed in brown Please come around Somethings lost and must be found.

Friday, November 23, 2001

There it is! The Thanksgivng Day Table all set and ready to go.........BobtheCorgi, Joe, and I at this point were in the kitchen tending to last minute details. Wearing our stylish new aprons (no, Joe did NOT get one), we were scurrying about tending to last minute details: Reviewing the place cards-- deaf, hearing, deaf, hearing, deaf, deaf, oops, change those two around. Final head count--- We got enough chairs? Where the hell is MY dish towel? This from Susan-----she can't seem to keep one around Last minute change: Ok, here's the new plan for the shift from dinner to the dessert buffet... Tina, taste this stuffing Tina, taste this gravy Tina, taste these pickles (and then they wonder why I can't eat when we finally sit down to the official meal) Where's my dish towel? (again) What do you mean we're out of milk? Let the damn dog out-- he's in the garbage again Where's my dish towel? DOOR BELL RINGS They're here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where's my dish towel? ( I am getting her a set of brightly coloured ones for Christmas with HER NAME on them) As families and friends begin to arrive I take a look around and realize just how much I have to be thankful for again this year.


Around 6 pm Thanksgiving Day some of the younger folks were leaving to visit other friends and family. We have a large driveway but there's always some "car jockeying" to be done when folks start to migrate. "Dad, can you move Mom's car so Mollie can get out?" or "Who's driving the Camry? We need to get out." I heard some commotion in the driveway but dismissed it as the Great Car Movement. Little did I know.................

About five minutes later I noticed everyone staring at the doorway behind me so I turned in that direction. I saw a fellow with dark hair and glasses. "Hmmmm....must be a friend of the Cheek daughter, " I thought to myself, "but, gee HE looks a little like Dave from Houston." I continued turning and my mouth fell open---------------------------I was speechless.

IT WAS DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I turned to look at Susan-------It was like looking in a mirror -----SHE had the same look of surprise on her face--- AND --- her mouth was also open and no sound was coming out. WE were both speechless. Dave had flown from Houston to NEPA to join us!

I sprang from my seat and gave this wonderful friend the hug of a lifetime.Dave, Susan, and I met in Jr. High. We quickly became the very best of friends. Dave is THE famous Squash Geese Creator, the Sauerkraut Soup Man, and the guy who destroyed one of my mom's artificial Christmas trees years ago.

Even as I sit here typing this post, I still can't believe he pulled this one off. It takes a pretty foxy fella to fool me and an even foxier fella to fool Susan. But, this fox fooled the both of us at the same time.

Unknowingly, I think I planted this "seed" a few months ago. During one of our daily AOL IM sessioins, I told Dave about our plans to have a joint family Turkey Day Dinner this year, "You know what would make this whole thing perfect? YOU should come to Penna. for Thanksgiving. We won't tell Susan and she'll just shit. " Alas, Dave said that he and his partner had already made plans for Thanksgiving and he wouldn't be able to come. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire, Dave!

What a truly wonderful surprise!

Last year, Dave was my host when I made a trip to Houston and April 2002, Susan and I are going there to be a part of the awesome Art Car ParadeDave is making arrangements so the three of us will actually be part of the event in a volunteer capacity. Were even going to the Art Car Ball!

Dave, you blew me away! What a wonderful surprise!!!!!!!!! Have a safe trip back to Houston!

Susan, Tina, and Dave------------together again.It just doesn't get much better than this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last night BobtheCorgi and I were subject to one of the biggest and most pleasant surprises of our lives. It takes a lot to stun old Bob and I--- but it happened last night. Right here in the Land of 5 Mountains! I am rushing off to meet Susan as soon as I finish this post.

Just wait till you hear the details of

BobtheCorgi and TheOtherCheek are
Yes, you heard it correctly--------WE WERE SPEECHLESS !!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Many wishes

for a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving to all!



Martin works for the President?

Martin Lane works for President Bush?

A few loose ends to tie up and we're ready here in the Land of 5 Mountains. It's all under control. Much like the Corgi family was yesterday, we will be CheektoCheek in the kitchen tonight.

Finally cracking under the pressure, I leave you with this photo (source: NYPOST 11.20.01) I had no idea turkeys were Democrats, did you?

Let's have a little contest here, why don't we? Submit your caption to TheOtherCheek. Prize to be determined at a later date.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Schmoozing As An Art Form

Wegman's is the SUPERSTORE for groceries, et al in our area. You can get almost anything in this store. They've even got a baby-sitting service--- you can drop off the kiddies and shop unencumbered. They refused to take Joe yesterday. They said he was too big. Hence, I was stuck with him.

While traipsing through the aisles I found a "TOFU TURKEY". Yes, tofu in the shape of Mr. Gobbler ! Yum! If it wasn't so expensive I would have bought it as a joke. Could you imagine the look on everyone's face when we brought this beauty to the table? Hehe.

Back to Mr. Joe: He protests grocery shopping loudly but he doesn't have me fooled for a minute. If you all remember Joe is a ladie's man---newborn through 99 plus the xy's of the world just adore him. On his demise I shall submit his remains to medical science to attempt to discover exaclty what the attraction has been all these years.Despite his protesting yesterday, ("I have manly things to do" <--"yeah, well get your manly arse in the car cause you are going grocery shopping, pal.") he came with mois.

Those LOL (little old ladies) were out in full force. You know, the retired ladies employed by temp agencies to pass out food samples. Samples? Hah! As soon as Joe gets through schmoozing them--------he's got enough "sampling" in him to feed a starving nation. One LOL even ran over to another LOL and got him a drink. On the other hand, I get the LOL glare if I remove more than one cocktail weenie from the tray.

I still think he would be better off in the Babysitting Section.

Monday, November 19, 2001

What horrible affliction would YOU be?

Find out HERE

Well, on occasion I have cleared out an entire room...

Aortal Pick of the Whatever

"It's a bird. It's a plane. Oh, for God's sake, it's only Hoopty."
Revere him. Revile him. Reiterate him. But, most of all read HIM.

Hoopty Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long live Hoopty! Hoopty do!

P.S. Tanks for da buttonating, my good person.

Only 3 days remain

If we're gonna flee the country --- now's the time. Only three days until Thanksgiving. We've got it pretty much under control in the Land of 5 Mountains. Today, I'll be shopping at Wegman's for all but perishable items.The turkey arrives on Tuesday. I'll send Mr. Joe for the "forgotten" items on Wednesday night.

At 6 a.m. this morning, I scurried to the StopNRob for the cappucino fix of the day. Ran a brush through my bed head, put on a red sweatshirt to compliment my green scrub pants, grabbed Joe's jacket and off I went for my fix. Quick! Call the Fashion Police, stat! Do you have any idea how busy that place is at 6 a.m.? Well, I do now. I ran into 4 people from the hospital. Jesus, I will be the talk of the place all morning. C'est le vie!

Gotta run--me and Magnus are cleaning the dust elephants in the family room today. Jill, any luck with that wife for me?

Sunday, November 18, 2001

The Cat Lives.........
and she owes it all to BobtheCorgi

Today, I tackled the monumental task of cleaning the living room and dining room. Upon close inspection of the living room couch I discovered enough cat hair to gag a maggot. Ok, a gazillion maggots. I used about 4 rolls of postal tape but it held fast.

I began to plot a murderous scheme. It involved one cat and two bare hands. I was going to choke her. I love animals but I was getting pretty pissed.

Enter BobtheCorgi....stage: upstairs on internet (where else? we live in two different states, silly) I told her my tail of woe. She suggested damp sponges. It worked.

The cat lives.

Special noted to Jill
Any luck finding me that wife?