Friday, November 09, 2001


The Mr. just came in the house with a "hang-dog" expression on his face---he looked soooooooo unhappy as he stated, "Pete has a Christmas tree with lights on his deck." In Shickshinny decorating for the holidays is very serious business . The Mr. is usually the first in the neighborhood to start the ball a rollin'------but, unfortunately for the Mr. the house next door changed owners in 2001. The new owner, Pete, is a lively 62 and fully retired. Retired=plenty of spare time to be "first on the hill" to start decorating for the Christmas season. Poor, poor Mr. Joe!

I can hear him clanking, banging, and pushing boxes, etc. around in the attic space over the garage ------- he's getting ready for tomorrow. Ladders, lights, clips, reindeer, etc.--------he's lining them all up.

My biggest fear: He wasn't the first to decorate but he will have the MOST lights if it kills him !

The "Griswalds over decorate" Theme is alive and well here in Shickshinny. You're gonna love these holiday pictures!

Baby Jesus on a reindeer, anyone???

Thursday, November 08, 2001

Aortal Pick

I can't help but wonder what he puts on his job's my Aortal Pick of the week (oh, ok already --of the month) :Confessions of a Mad Monk

BLACK HOLE OF Shickshinny...

Do any of you have a problem with things disappearing in your house? Well, Theothercheek family certainly does! Mysterious disappearances of various personal and household articles began years ago. Oh, it started out on a small enough scale.... one of the first things we noted was that single socks were coming out of the dryer. Two socks equaling one matched pair went in but only one came out of the hozone layer.

As the years have passed larger personal and household articles have disappeared. Methinks we have our own personal "black hole" right here in Shickshinny.

Among the missing: dark navy Gap cardigan the dog's black leash the Mr's. Vietnam tire sandals my own favorite pair of jeans and the one that really troubles me-- we had a rabbit disappear (sans black hat) a couple of years ago.

Could we have built on sacred American Indian grounds? Or are we living a Carlinism ---just suffering from having "too much shit"?

Wednesday, November 07, 2001


Fever, achiness, stomach feels like a roller coaster on a windy day... yes, I'm sick. Am I staying home to utilize one of the gazillion sick days I have in the bank? Oh, my no! I am nurse I will plod along today. My feet will feel like lead my head will pound I will sneeze I will be nauseated I will continue to administer anesthesia in the face of adversity. I am nurse.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

The countdown continues: 16 days

Inadvertently omitted from the menu was one of the most desired (next to the bird) culinary features of the Turkey Day menu. Mr. Samiwill be whipping up a Syrian/Lebonese/Arabic delight stuffed grape leaves or Dolma! Each tiny grape leaf is stuffed with a filling comprised of meat, rice, and many spices. You can use other medians to stuff such as zucchini, cabbage leaves, eggplant, or bell peppers but we're purists and they will be grape leaves. According to internet sources, this is not a difficult dish to make, however, it is time consuming to roll each individual dolma.That 's putting it mildly.

Many moons ago, Susan and I attempted to make dolma (under the guidance of Mr. Sami) for a very special occasion--- the marriage of Mr. Sami and BobtheCorgi. What a riot! Mr. Sami prides himself in making each and every Dolma with great care. Mr. Sami's were perfect-- each one within nanometers of the other. Being the Lithuanians that we are, our attempts were less than sterling. Our stuffed grape leaves resembled cigars that had seen better days. After many years of wedded bliss, Mrs. Sami, Susan, has become an accomplished Dolma maker.

The dessert list has been posted over at BobtheCorgi! I must figure out a way to request another dessert. ( Ahem, cough, cough) Said in sweetest voice: "Oh, Bob, how 'bout some Baklava?" This dessert is to die for!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 05, 2001

He's Baaaaaaack! Amen!

Ladies and Gentlemen: He's been down but never OUT......... He's endured more than any father or husband should.......... He's one helluva guy........................


Thanksgiving: 17 days and a wake-up!

We wholeheartedly agreed that we won't have appetizers. This crowd don't need no stinkin' appetizers. My Dad, 81, has the appetite of a running back for the Oakland Raiders.I can't even imagine him delicately eating a sliver of salmon on a Ritz--this is a man who can devour an entire Tastycake chocolate cupcake in one "bite".

We made a list and checked it twice. Susan mentioned having corn in honor of the Indians. Never thought of this--- so I'm adding it to the menu. Too bad Thanksgiving is in November or we would be getting corn on the cob from Doran's farm. Now there's a tribute to the Indians! Row after row of white and yellow kernels "sugar and honey" corn --each bite sweeter than the next. In days gone by we would "shuck" the corn and boil it for about 3 minutes, but more recently we take the corn "au naturel" loosen the husks, sprinkle some water over it, wrap it loosely in foil, and place it on the grill. (For an extra added delight don't use a gas grill--fire up that hibachi or charcoal grill).

So, in addition to the store bought fresh bird with the Mr's famous stuffing and gravy , we're having the following:
Garlic mashed "make-a-head" tatoes Potato salad Baked Beans Steamed broccoli and cauliflower Ham with a pineapple maple glaze Kilebasa (two different horseradishes) Tossed salad Mother-in-law' cole slaw Fresh bread and rolls from a bakery owned by the Mr's friend (rye, pumpernickel, etc.) Sweet potato casserole Baked sweet potatos

I can only hope that Wegman's has those adorable little butter pats in the shape of Turkey's again this year. They are so damn cute!

Then, the piece de resistance: THE DESSERT TABLE Stay tuned.