Saturday, November 03, 2001

Mad about Cows...

Not much of a television viewer here.........but did catch some commercials today. The commercials are the only things worth watching.

I am in love with the Gateway Computer Talking Cow. The Cow raises his eyebrow just so as he mentions the price of $999. "999 dollars!!??!!" says the sleuth in astonishment. The Cow replies, "Teddy, did I stutter?" Excellant.

Friday, November 02, 2001

Another "Twin Towers"

Almost a photographic oxymoron, isn't it? A beautiful pastoral scene in northeastern Pennsylvania with greying near winter skies, wheat field , an old red shack, and smack dab in the midst of this are the cooling towers of the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant.

A ten-mile "no fly" zone has been mandated just this past week. Commercial airliners and choppers are still allowed access to this zone. I think "they" have it wrong--------I envision some Bin Laden freak , a well trusted ten year employee, who's got the know-how to cause this disaster.

I had to be very sneaky while taking this photo from the side of the road. I did not want to arouse the suspicions of the State Police. Four Pa. State Trooper's and two cruisers were posted on the inroad to the plant. Surrounded by at least 15 plastic orange pylons the road looked like a veritable fortress of safety. (Please take note of the intended sarcasm)

Thursday, November 01, 2001


Only 21 days until Thanksgiving! This weekend, Susan and I will be finalizing the menu and the all important logistics. The table linens this year are atrocious. Downright ugly. I may have to be inventive this year. Good thing there are several auctions this weekend. I just might get lucky and find something at one of them.

We had a few long cases in the OR today so we started talking about famous people who live in NEPA. Davey Jones, "hey, hey, he's a Monkey!" lives about 30 minutes south of my home. He's pretty chummy with one of our orthopods.

Jack Palance, lives about 30 minutes north of here. . My friend, Deb owns a biker bar in Nescopeck. She just saw Jack a few weeks ago when he sauntered over for a beer while waiting for a pizza from the place next door. .

My Aunt Betty babysat for Jerry Orbach. Jerry lived in Kingston, Pa. as a tot. He was Baby Houseman's father in the flick Dirty Dancing. Aunt Betty and my mom got to chit chat with him in NYC a few years ago.

All our Hallowen decorations have been packed away.. The Mr. loves to decorate but for some reason despises Thanksgiving decorations. He'll be jumping right into Christmas decorating this weekend. The "Griswald's Celebrate Christmas" theme is being repeated this year. The neighbors make jokes about the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Airport using us as an auxilary landing strip every year. Hmm... in light of recent occurrences, we should cut back about 10,000 white lights. Don't want anyone mistaking us for the airport this particular season.

Sunday , November 4th, is our daughter's birthday. We're planning cake and coffee. She and the new squeeze are dining at one of her favorite haunts in Bloomsburg, Russell's. We gave her this year's gifts already. A new cell phone, a coat from the Gap, and paid for her latest purchases from her make-up supplier, Mary Kay. It's just not the same..................I am so ready for grandchildren.

There's another important birthday next week. I'll let BobtheCorgi fill you in on that one.

Last but not least, this year's lack of door-to-door Trick or Treaters held a silver lining. YOU should have seen the candy in various departments of the hospital today! Yikes! Pounds and pounds of chocolate, smartees, tootsie rolls, snickers, etc. I was in my glory!

I really had nothing to say tonight.Was pretty obvious wasn't it?

The End.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

An American Tragedy

Since 9/11/01, millions of Americans have opened their hearts and their purses to the many organizations collecting for the surviving families/significant others. The American Red Cross has 546 million dollars in its "Liberty" Fund. 546 MILLION DOLLARS! To date, only 46 million has been dispensed to those people for which it was intended. The Red Cross has now declared the Liberty Fund closed. The Red Cross has earmarked money from this fund for office supplies, other disasters, etc. It's my opinion that folks were giving their hard earned money to provide food, clothing, and shelter to those in need after 9/11 not to redecorate the Red Cross offices.

To add injury to insult, 26 million dollars is being targeted for community outreach programs The focus of these programs will be tolerance. Tolerant of what? The Red Cross' misappropriation of funds?

I'm usually not "in bed" with the likes of these two fellas.....but, O'Reilly of the "O. Factor" and Mike Gallagher, radio talk show host, have done their investigative homework. Both these men are hot on the trail of the Red Cross. The only reason that this money may ever reach its intended target may be largely due to these men putting organizations like the rogue Red Cross into the "hot seat". It was just 10 days after the attacks when O'Reilly began the drumbeat. On his program that night, he teased it with this: "There is a major story developing about all the money being raised for the families of the victims."

I implore you to call, write, visit the offices of the Amercan Red Cross and let your feelings be known. This organization and all others need to be accountable for every red cent collected for these people.

Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania, who has been sitting around with his thumb up butt since his appointment as Homeland Whateverthehell, needs to remove said appendage from said orifice and get to work. There's been a robbery and we know who did it.

Another "CLASS ACT" by the Red Cross. The same organization that continued to collect blood from volunteers for weeks when within 24 hours everyone knew that massive amounts of blood products would not be needed. All of the blood collected during that time period has expired and been thrown away. And, just in case you did not know it, this blood is not free. When you get blood from the Red Cross, there's a charge.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001


Most of you may remember "BINGO" as the little dog in that song. "...and BINGO was his name-o." HAH--not here in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA--pronounced Knee-Paw). Bingo in NEPA is almost a religion. Most BINGO nights here begin at 6 P.M. But, the Bingo ladies with their Bingo bags in hard, start arriving at the halls around 4 P.M. cause there is pahlenty to do before the first BINGO number is called. The Bingo bag containing magnetic markers and sweeper, dabber, lucky trolls (just like Roseann), snacks, glasses, etc ...all of these are vital elements in this game of chance.

Upon arrival at the "Bingo Hall", the Bingo cards are purchased. These are paper cards that have a "serial number" in the middle or free spot and are sold in tablets of 25. My maternal grandmother played 125 of these cards. That's right... one hunnert and twenny five of these babies! She had a "system". She always requested the same tablet by serial number. There was hell to pay if this group of tablets were sold by some unknowing personnel to another Bingo Lady. When Gram passed away, I went to a Bingo Hall and secured a hard Bingo card with her signature O-66 in the upper right hand corner. I took it to the florist who put the card in the middle of a most wonderful flower arrangement.

I can remember going to Bingo with Gram when I was just knee high to a grasshopper. When Gram was in her 80's she continued this tradition by taking MY daughter to Bingo. I can still see my little girl running to the screen door when she was only 2. Alll the while screaming loudly, "I wanna go to Bingo with Ga-Ga!"

My mother took Bingo to a new family level when she started to take bus trips to Bingos. Her favorite Bingo weekend is held in Canada at an Indian Reservation. The prizes are amazing and include new cars and up to 25G's.

I am so thankful that I was spared this gene.

Monday, October 29, 2001

Soup, mystery objects, and new terrorist attack

First, please note the addition of the "Soup" button.This charming web site holds the secrets to the mystery of soup. Direct quote fromFeral Living : SOUP of the Web seeks out and showcases only the best, most nourishing soup-related sites on the internet. In an arcane selection process, secretly-nominated candidate sites nominated by secret nominators are evaluated according to a highly-selective set of criteria. Only the very best are then added to this selective list, accessible by this button: " (button is below) Go there! Now!

Secondly, Miguelcorrectly identified the What the H*** is it?object. His correct guess was a sterling silver fingernail guard. Fingernail guards were worn by the nobility and were often times made of gold, ivory, and other precious materials. By the end of the Ching dynasty (late 19th century), this fashion was adopted by young men, who grew the nail of the little finger especially long. This became a visual symbol to indicate the wearer did not engage in manual labor. Mig, please send your address and choice of dessert to me, Tina at theothercheek.

Last, but not least: The horrifying threat of another terrorist attack possibly happening this week on U.S.A. soil has been on all the news stations this evening, and I live three miles due north of the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant. My worst nightmare is an attack of any kind on what I've begun to think of my "own personal twin towers" right on Pa. Route 11. If I have a chance, I'll get a digital image of the twin cooling towers posted here tomorrow.

All I can think of are those stupid philosophical questions i.e. "if you could invite anyone living or dead to dinner...... WHO would you invite? or "if this were your last day on Earth ... HOW would you spend it?"

Note to Miguel: send your address and choice of dessert to Susan at BobtheCorgi. Just in case.

Thanksgiving Canvas

Seems we've jumped right into the menu for Thanksgiving on theothercheek and BobtheCorgi. Wild turkey out: store bought bird in! Living in a rural area has its advantages. People out here eat what they shoot! Squirrels, pheasant, deer, and wild turkey are consumed by some of the locals.. I questioned a few neighbors and it turns out that wild turkey is rather gamey and can be "stringy". Can you imagine putting something like that on the table with the crowd that will be dining here? NOT. So, off to Wegman's I shall go for the more traditional bird but it will be a fresh not frozen bird.

Almost as important to me as the menu is the table setting. The Mr. makes fun of me as I search for the ideal tablecloth, the just right centerpiece, etc. The dishes are a very pretty off-white and can easily be worked into any color/holiday scheme. Right now I am searching for the ideal placecards. Anyone out there know how to make Pilgrims? Lady and gent pilgrims? I thought they would be rather cute but I have no idea how to make them. Alas, even Martha Stewart has failed me. Her "Living" magazing for Thanksgiving is a bust.

Keep in mind that placecards are very important with this crowd. The seating arrangement is tres consequential. The guests must be placed strategically. The hard of hearing men must be alternated with the hearing---otherwise the conversation starts to play out like the game truth-----where each person whispers to the next and by the time it gets to the last the original thought has long been lost. This is what happens to most conversations between the Mr. and I.) The Mr. is getting "deef" as my dear friend, Susan (aka BobtheCorgi) would say.

Susan and I must be strategically placed near the kitchen. WE are the grande dames of the meal.The orchestrators--- we are in charge!

We've invited a very special guest and his family. (and if HE doesn't show he'll have the rath of the twocheeks to contend with forever and ever). As soon as he confirms, we'll be sure and let you know just WHO will be here with us on Turkey Day. We really hope he comes. Really and truly.

Sunday, October 28, 2001

What the H*** is IT??????

Alrighty, here's the mystery item!

1. Ok, wise guys/girls, I know it's a brooch. But, that's not its original use
2.Sterling silver
3.It's hollow. Check photo's: the opening is at the left hand/wider side.
4. Age: unkown Origin: Oriental

Prize for winner: Undetermined. Hmmmm! Maybe a piece of BobtheCorgi dessert? Nah, no one wants mail nowadays...

Autumnn in New England

A blustery day in Massachusetts with blue grey skies and the threat of impending rains evident in the skies.The temperature was quickly dropping. Good thing we had packed for "warm" and "cold" weather. It was time to dig the polarfleece and turtlenecks out of the suitcases.

Winter in New England was on the way.