Friday, October 19, 2001

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Cheesecakes I have known

Thanksgiving 2001

Desserts, I just love desserts. Dessert is a very important part of the Thanksgiving menu--- from my point of view, the MOST important part. As a matter of fact, I have always subscribed to the "Eat dessert first" philososphy of life. We're not steeped in tradition when it comes to most things here in Shickshinny, but we do have a dessert tradition. The choice of the cheesecake du jour is rotated from person to person. A highly sought after honor!

We've invested heavily in a special springform pan. The pan's springform comes off and you are left with the base which has a 3" rim (this prevent oven spillover and messy clean up). But the best part is the large plexiglass dome which pops over the base complete with chrome carrying handle.

The last cheesecake was chosen by our daughter. A caloric, fat, and carbohydrate laden nightmare --------S'mores Cheesecake. She must have been having a Girl Scout flashback. One of the best, both in taste and presentation, was last year's Christmas delicacy chosen by our "other" daughter, Mollie. Grasshopper Cheesecake. This beauty was aweseome---a ten inch circle of the most wonderful filling (featuring creme de menthe) encrusted in a thin layer of bittersweet chocolate. The liquor not only added just the right flavor but added color. The filling was a stunning mint green.

The honor of chosing the Tukey Day Cheesecake goes to----------------The Mr. Known for picking a very conformist type of cheesecake. In other words, plain.
Comments from the others:
Othercheeks daughter: "Well, at least we'll have the four desserts from Aunt Bobthecorgi
The "other" daughter, Mollie:"I get to pick for Christmas."

We anticipate the choice of the Mr.----- which will be posted here complete with photo and recipe.

Thursday, October 18, 2001


Thanksgiving 2001

There will be digital images of the entire event! Posted right here on THEOTHERCHEEK.

I wonder if I can "shoot "the bird, with gun and digital camera, at the same time? (Note to self: Have hubby shoot bird. Otherwise, this could get messy.)


Thanksgiving dinner is at theothercheek's house this year. The guest list is exceptionally impressive for Turkey Day 2001. Hang onto your hats, dining with us will be a very famous Blogger! None other than ---------------------- Bobthecorgi! BTC will not only grace us with her charming prescence and her dry wit, but she will be bringing 4, that's right , FOUR desserts right from her 70's kitchen.

The entire BTC family will be here! Eat your hearts out! Mr. Sami, himself, will be here. He will spend most of the day shaking his head at BTC and TOC while muttering, "I feel sorry for them." as he re-aligns allegiances with Mr. TOC. I have as many, if not more, dishes than BTC. This drives Mr. Sami crazy! He is the one who gave us the name: Twocheeksofthesameass! TCOTSA! Hehe!

Miss Guestblogger! Ah, the lovely M.G.! My godchild! The pickiest eater this side of Dodge. Auntie TOC will prepare tunafish salad made to the specifications received just last night on IM

The Fratboy/Collegeman. We are looking forward to his tales of college life. Life as a frat man in a converted firehouse! Excellent dinner conversation!

Bob The Corgi ( the furry one) will be at Gramma's as the resident Springer Spaniel does not care for other dogs. Magnus thinks other dogs are a nuisance. Not to mention unwanted competition for table droppings. Neither D-O-G knows he is a D-O-G and we ain't telling either one of them now.

Mother of BTC, who has made a sterling recovery from her cardiac bypass surgery, will be here. (Note to self: get something on the menu low in calories and fat free. )

Then, there's my family. Stay tuned for them. Matka Boja, could be volumes written about them.

And, last but not least the out-laws will be here. Including my sister-in-law, Poopsie. Poopsie! Can you believe that one? A sister-in-law named Poopsie. Or, Poops as she is called by my mother-in-law. Poops! That's right, POOPS. No further comment needed, ay?

Please stay tuned for the rest of the guest list. I will be adding some highlights from the menu. Did I mention that we have turkeys right in our back yard? "Gobble, gobble, gobble. " I can hear them every morning. WILD TURKEYS! I gotta run. (Note to self: Do Google search later in evening. i.e. The shooting and preparation of wild turkey..............) Now, wouldn't that be novel?

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

The GOOD---The BAD
part 2

The BAD = the manufacturer's of Cipro (trade name) ciproflaxacin (generic name). Being a 'good' little drug company, they've promised Uncle Sam a zillion pills in one month. Batten down the hatches, full speed ahead, cancel all vacations! WE, the noble makers of Cipro, have a civic duty to manufacture more cipro. "It's our American duty." Oh, how noble! Shit noble. Seems they forgot to mention that penicillin and tetracycline are just as effective in fighting anthrax.Both of THESE antibiotics are long off patent and el cheapo. The cost of a one month's supply of Cipro in the United States is $350.00.( same generic drug available in India for $10 bucks per month. Noble my Lithuanian arse. Money hungry pill maker bastahds.Cipro is still on patent and very expensive. The feds can over-ride the patent and have generic Cipro on the market ASAP .... but, the Cipro people can sue for "monetary compensation" if their patent is withdrawn early. Win-win situation for this greedy pharmaceutical manufacturer. It's like having their cake and eating it, too.

THE GOOD= whoever the angel was that exposed the fact that peniciliin and tetracylcine are equally effective for anthrax exposure.

THE UGLY= this same drug company.

THE FUNNY. Nothing funny here.

THE GOOD--THE BAD--THE UGLY--and thank God, the funny

THE UGLY----Osama Bin Laden. I don't care to expound on this--enough has been said by better about THE UGLY.


His name is Porkchop. He's one of the search and rescue canine at ground Zero in NYC. How can you not love a face like this one? Evidently , Frank (THE BAD) Zanotti, can do just that.THE BAD is a plumber from West Chester Co. in New York. Seems THE BAD was busted for stealing WTC rescue gear for his own use. Some of the things he stole included provisions for these wonderful dogs. THE BAD took food right out of their mouths, and not only did he steal their food.............he took the special booties that people had sent to protect their furry little feet from all the rubble. Bad? Despicable.May a thousand camel fleas fly up his nose and I hope his "winky" falls right off. Book 'em , Danno. 10-20 with no parole.

On the lighter side, Robin (THE FUNNY) Williams showed up in this get-up at the Kennedy Center in Washingotn, D.C.

It's OK to laugh a little folks, honestly it's OK.

A little Lithuanian humor from TOC, a Lithuanian (3/4 Lit here) : Did you hear about the Lithuanian car pool? They meet at work. Hay, I said, "It's ok to laugh."

Monday, October 15, 2001

Where you stand depends on where you sit

An article in the New York Times caught my attention today.Doctors with Sick Parents See a Health System's Flaws I am sincerely sorry that their parents received such shoddy healthcare, but, I'm left wondering if these doctors see the flaws in THEIR medical practice.

Doctors flash in and out of patient's hospital rooms in a heartbeat-----no time for questions or explanations. In doctor's offices, patients often sit for hours prior to being seen by the doctor. Alone and scared, patient's sit in chilly x-ray departments for what must seem like an eternity.

Hello! Wake-up call here, doctor! These patients are someone's parents, sister, brother, or significant other. From the article: "M.D. after your name doesn't translate into better care for their loved one." I have R.N. after my name, some folks have Ph.D. after their name, and some folks just have Mom and Dad as their names.

Practice what you preach.

Sunday, October 14, 2001

7 6 things I hope to accomplish today............

1.Wash the kitchen windows

2.Hang new kitchen curtains

3.Finish the book I am presently reading

4.Talk the Mr. into a trip to the mall (I've got a better chance at getting him to be celibate-- Fall Sunday=Football/TV

5.Stay on my present diet (Yes, Virginia, there will be snowballs in hell.)

6.Con the Mr. into making dinner (rationalization: "I am on call."--told you it comes in handy)

7.Change the title of this blog to 6 things I hope to accomplish today.