Thursday, October 04, 2001

A stitch in time............

I am fascinated by quilts and quilting. Part of my fascination is rooted in the fact that I have absolutely no creative talents-------especially with a needle and thread.I dreaded home ec class. You can verify this with Bobthecorgi

The earliest surviving American pieced quilt is the Saltonstall quilt from 1704. Historians were able to date it because the quilters of that era lined the pierced quilts with newspapers. As the outer fabric wore out, the date was read on the newspaper.

I envision the women gathered around the quilt---------- chatting and sharing the day's gossip while placing each stitch in the quilt with great care. Beats our modern day practice of gathering around the Pampered Chef and Tupperware crap by miles---------and with prettier results.

Quilting served as a source of income for many women on the frontier. Perhaps, this was the source of the phrase "pin money". I recall someone's dad telling them that their nursing career would keep them in "pin money".

Common symbols: diamond represents the four seasons; heart = love; roses = love, purity, happiness; pineapple = hospitality; pomegranate = fruitfulness.

A modern day quilt of major proportion is the AIDS quilt--------the handcrafted tribute to those who died of HIV.

On a smaller scale, some people have made great quilts from favorite t-shirts, high school memorabilia, and some from wedding clothes. Quilts also recorded family history, represented personal and religious journeys............the fabric of our lives........quilts are wonderful.

"A Kansas Sunset"

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

A rather unusual 'good-bye'................

Gram had been in the personal care home for about a year and a half. Poor Gram! Her mind was never the same after she had the heart attack. She wandered in and out of reality ------------stole others teeth and glasses <--she stockpiled them in her room much to my mom's dismay.

Other than her two daughters and son, her visitors were few. Most of her friends had passed onto that big BINGO parlor in the sky.

During one of my mother's frequent visits, Gram told her about a visitor who had visited her earlier that Saturday evening. The visitor was Jack----------- a former gentleman friend of Gram's. Gram and Jack had been an "item" for a few years. Jack and Gram had made many a trip to upstate NY where Jack's RV was parked. As they got older (this romance had started when Gram was in her 70's), they sort of "drifted" apart. Neither Gram nor any of us had seen Jack for years.

Mom asked Gram about the visit. Gram said, He came into my room and just kept hugging me. He just kept smiling and hugging me.Then, he was gone. He wouldn't talk. He never said, 'good-bye'." Mom went out to the desk and inquired about Gram's visitor. The nurses said, "No one was here today, but you..." Mom told them what Gram had told her about the visitor.

Early the next morning, my phone ran. It was my mom (who was very excited) She told me the story of Gram's Sat. night visitor.Then she read something to me from the local paper:

Jack E., 77, died Saturday evening at the XXX campground in upstate New York.........It was Jack's obit. Gram was wrong.............Jack had said good-bye.

Mine, mine, mine.......

If you read the previous blog, you are tuned into to the fact that I was on call last nite. I am gifted the day after call "off". They don't want us there all cranky and tired---- administering anesthesia by the seat of our exhausted pants. I decided to make this day "All about ME Day". Me me me! The day is mine. I'll do whatever I want. Should I stay in my lovely jammies? (<--oy-- this is the reason I have no camera on puter. Some things should not be seen by others) Should I shop for food? (<--Mother Cheek's cupboards are bare) Should I shop for a new cpu fan? (<--mine is making horrid whirring, grinding, squelching noises.) What should I do?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I think I 'll make a cuppa tea and think about it for a while. These jammies are pretty comfy. Not pretty.... just pretty comfy. Although, I do think chenille and scrub pants could be a fashion statement for spring of 2002 if put in the hands of the right designer.

Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Too pooped to blog.................

Just got home from a grueling 14 hours day of administering anesthesia. I am tonite's "call girl". <--wish I made THEIR moola. My job's a tad different from theirs but there are some similarities: a. my clients are scantily clad (some are nude) b. they all lie down c. after my big performance they go off to "sleep" I am getting punchy from lack o'sleep. So, I'll quit while I'm ahead. Hehe!

Monday, October 01, 2001


It all started out quite innocently.............Mr. TOC and I began buying "stuff" at the antique and collectible auctions in our area. We had decided to add "a few vintage pieces" to the homestead here in Shickshinny. Matka Boja! Before we knew it............. the house had been overtaken.......... by a zillion things. Poor Magnus, Springer extraordinaire! He became very adept at multiple "dance-like" steps........... just to get through the piles in the l.r. and d.r.! In order to reclaim valuable space in the house, we had to begin selling.

Our main focus is antique American art and folk pottery. The Mr. collects Roseville. My collection is a bit more dramatic (kind of like an acquired taste wouldn't you say, Bobthecorgi? I collect Southern Folk art pottery... concentrating on the fascinating works of potters in North Carolina and Georgia. The following examples are 2 of the pieces that we picked up this past weekend . The pieces were acquired from the David Rago Auction held in Lambertville, N.J. David Rago and his wife, Suzanne Perrault, are appraisers on the Antique Road Show. Let me know who's pieces you like more..hehe........... mine or the Mr.'s

My pieces have started to grow on Bobthecorgi. Haven't they? BOB? Are you there , Bob? Come in, BOB! Hay, Bob.. where are you? Get out from under that's only pottery!

Cheesh, everyone's a critic!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2001

The acrostic anagram below was conceived by

Osama Bin Laden

This piece was emailed to me by someone who is quite talented. Read it and let me know what you think.......................

a perfect, cubed, circular, acrostic anagram of "Osama bin Laden": * "perfect" in the sense that all 13 x 13 letter groups in each of the 13 verses are anagrams in themselves, rather than just mixing up 13 sets of all 13 letters for the whole thing. **"cubed", ie: 13 verses of 13 anagrams of 13 letters ***"circular" - the last anagram of each verse is the first anagram of the next verse. The last anagram of the last verse is the first anagram of the first verse. ****"acrostic" - the name "Osama bin Laden" appears as the first anagram in the first verse, second in the second, etc. Osama bin Laden abandons e-mail! Bailed son - a man Islam abandoned. O, I blame Ann as a demon labia. Snail-demon bans a dame in basal onanism on a blade. Soiled banana man smiled on a babies' mandala - no damn bonsai ale! 2 Damn bonsai ale! Osama bin Laden is an able nomad. O, able sand-man? I am no Sabine lad! Mean lids, O Banal maiden! Ban a son! In a samba lode in Aden, a lamb so banana-oiled smiles, and an A-bomb moans: "Die, anal basin and a mole!" 3 Basin and a mole dons labia. Amen! "Osama bin Laden" is a bad name - no lads on mean labial bonds. I am an e-mail on base, and lean maids on a bible nod, as a man in so bald a name. Do a smile, banana, and an embolism. An I nosed a lab. 4 Man, I nosed a lab! Lime band as an old, Sabian mane. O, Osama bin Laden, abase! O, damn lined a man in a blossom. Nail a band! End Asian ale-bombs! A main load enables Damian on misled banana. O, Belinda's a moan on a sad bile man. 5 On a sad bile man. In, O Mabel, and as I made no basal noise, a bland man (Osama bin Laden,) made an albino slide, as on a man beam in sand. A bloom-laden basin. Anna is a bad mole. O, is blame and a noble Damian's an Alamo snide ban? 6 Alamo snide ban smiled, O banana! I'm an abased London man, able as I am. Done in balsa, Osama bin Laden - mad sable onanism! Banal adenoids in an able moa. Oil dame bans an amiable son, Daniel. Bands a man, O inland amoebas. 7 Inland amoeba's son made in a ballad, so bane I am no blamed Asian, no! A ban-laden simian, a blamed son - Osama bin Laden. So bane man dialled a main snob, and a sob in a meal. As I moan, bend, albino ale-man. Sad nomad bean ails. 8 Nomad bean ails, and mobile as an animal's abode. No male binds an able maid on an ass. I blend a man, O Anna! So a mad bile, Osama bin Laden, lies and an A-bomb lands a main. O, enema so bland! I amble on aid as Nan moans in a blade. 9 Moans in a bladed banana! Smile on lad, amoeba - sin is a blade on Man! As able mind on a lie, so a damn ban is bad. Lo! A name non-base man dial - "Osama bin Laden"! A solemn band, I aid as a noble man - O, ladies' man, ban alien man so bad! 10 Alien man - so bade alias and mob. No sane ad-man, libido blames an animal's bond. An eased boil, a man, an able mind; so an anal maiden as bod is a Mabel. Onan (Osama bin Laden,) is a blade-man on slime bandana. O, sail on a bed, man! 11 Sail on a bed, Ma! Nine banal soma demons ban a laid mole (as a ban in dome and sail - ban and bile.) So a man lame band a noise on dam's bail; an amoeba lands in Milan as a boned Osama. Bin Laden is mad - alone ban a lesbian nomad! 12 A lesbian nomad on sable, Damian (a Lebanon Midas,) is able and moans "No, I am an abled damn Sabine. Lo! a labia-nosed man! Damn, no lies. Abandon blame as I abase a mad lion - no dame slain. Ban Osama bin Laden, sad bean-oil man!" 13 Sad bean-oil mane nails Moab and is on a blade, man! And a name boils, bald in some anal mansion: a bead-nosed bail-man, a demon labia, a snob's inane, mad, labile mason, and a son lamed in a base. Abandon mail, Osama bin Laden!