Friday, September 28, 2001

There I said it... and in three minutes............

The three minute blog... brainchild of Mg over at BadSamaritan
Rules: You have only three minutes to write a blog. No re-writes, no typo correction, and when the three minutes have ended has your blog. Here goes.................................

Daughter gone to THE FAIR with latest boyfriend. Husband at high school football game. Me and Mag here at puter. I like time alone...............Well, we were alone all nite... my mom showed up just in the nick of time and brought dinner with her. I was just about to go get my usual stay at home dinner. Some Reese's Peanut Butter Cup's and Friend..................

Gee, three minutes goes by pretty dang quickly.


Thursday, September 27, 2001

A few things I noticed today...........and more........

Like zillions of others, I've had a renewed interest in the evening news. Tonite, while watching the ABC nightly news with Peter Jennings, I made a shocking observation. I didn't notice it the past few weeks. But this evening the camera lighting was just right.

ATTENTION ALL VIEWERS: Pete is dyeing his hair. Yes, DYEING...........This p.m.'s camera lighting caught the brassiness of his dye job just right. I was shocked. My advice: "Let it go, Pete. Let it go."

I'm all for world togetherness. But, don't you all think that "God Bless America" should be sung by an Amercan?(even though we stole the song from you know where) I think Canadian born Celine has a dyno-mite voice but I had someone like the Divine Miss M in mind myself. (Pete is Canadian born also. Am I onto something here?)

On the homefront, I am excited for our Gov. (Pa. Gov. T. Ridge) but do you all realize that we poor Pennsylvanians are left with the likes of one Lt. Gov. Schweiker? Now there's a dude who needs a hair stylist. (Morning routine: shampoo hair .. then quickly run egg beater over head. ) His recent TV interviews show him almost jumping up and down with glee (while chanting in his head over and over again.."I'm gonna be the governor .. I'm gonna be the governor." ). Cheesh. (Note to self : do background check on Lt. Gov Schweiker----------look for evidence of Canadian birth)

On the Shickshinny Front.......Mag's groomer went out of business. I did the best I could. It shall be a while before he can go out in public again. Ever try grooming a dog who's got ADD?

Well, that's all for today. I must go check on bobthecorgi and SoupLadyYOU should , too. You'll be VERY glad you did.

Special message to a certain someone

Mr. C. Nick Hunter: Hay, friend.... let me know if you ever need anything. I 'm here to help any way that I can.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Work Dilemma .......or there's a Lynching going on........Background: Two of my co-workers have formed a posse. ( Dr. Funnyman and Dr. Paranoid are the present posse members ). Object of Posse: Co-worker Dr. LazyGood4Nothing

Dr. Funnyman and Dr. Paranoid (from here on known as Dr. F. and Dr. P. . THey have drawn lines in the sand and Dr. L. is on the "other" side.

Dr. L. has been at present institution for many, many moons. Slipshod in his assessments (which can be plum dangerous, pardner...especially when we are attempting to slip a piece of polyvinylchloride down your throat to control your life's breath for the next hour or so), cavalier when problems occur (likes to pass the buck.......i.e. call the family dr.) , etc.

My dilemma is as follows: Dr. L. has given me loads of shit in the past. Since time began, he's been a zit on the ass of progress at this institution .......BUT, .............MY objection lies not with the lynching but with their method. They are compiling dates, times, events, and lists of his piss poor judgement and overall lazy assed way of doing things. In my estimation, when this "Log of Events " is fatty assed enough, they plan on going to the CEO and getting rid Dr. L.

I am torn. Do I

a. let him suffer the consquences or b. Find someway to clue him in?(indirectly, that is.)


Click on the link to my Lycos hosting site for the photos of THE FAIR.

Barnyard animals, some Fair Folk, big chickens, more pigs (I just loved those pigs) and more.

After two days of hurricane-like rains, we are have been gifted days of 55 degrees, blue skies, and sunshine. Thankfully, most of the fairgrounds are now paved. In years gone by, The Fair "rain, snow, sleet" dance turned the grounds into a quagmire.I suffered the loss of a great pair of shoes one year.

Mr. TOC ate his way around as usual. He has stops he makes yearly at various food stands. Sausage and peppers at one, gyros from another, beef at yet another. This man has never deviated more that ten pounds from 175. Isn't that annoying? To put it rather mildly.

So, enjoy the Fair.. The pics of the Midway did not turn out. Sorry, Dave and BTC...........

Dave, there is a photo of the hawker selling the "WONDER KNIFE" ? If I go back, do you want one for your kitchen drawer?

BTC, catch the one taken of the Glorious JUNK stand under the bleachers? I can still remember the metal heart divided in two parts (with two chains) marked "Best Friends" we bought one year.......................

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Let sleeping swine lie............

Farm animals at THE FAIR! Here's are some porkers who evidently did not go to market ....they're content just being "a fat hog".

All together now: "Awwwwwwwwww.........."

Monday, September 24, 2001

For a Monday.........TODAY turned out OK

Was dreading this Monday morning 9/23 .... I'm the "call" girl (hospital call =7 am/7 pm =24 hours). But, one surgeon cancelled his cases... he's sick (probably "Wall St." flu) and another had no scheduled cases...thus, I got to come home tres early. 8:00 am.

I spent most of my day traipsing around the net.....looking for some Bin Laden pics to deface for Ethereal over at Surreally . Found some. Defaced some. Go on over to Surreally to check them out.

Got some emails from a new friend: Cetnik Hunter. He/she found my plea for some gruesome photos of gunshot exit wounds ( don't ask .. you don't want to know) on heads and emailed me.

Took the Magster (Springer Spaniel extraordinaire) for a run. He ran. I walked <--- my momma didn't raise no fools.

Did some editing of THE FAIR digitals. Too lazy to go over to my host and upload them. SO, fair photos on hold. Got a really great shot of two pigs sleeping spoon fashion.

Watched it rain. Comin' down cats and doggies here. FAIR WEEK= rain (sleet, snow) dance. ALWAYS and without fail.

"Found" time is almost as good as "found" money to me................... I can do whatever I want with it.

I think I'll go do more nothing. Catch you all later.

Sunday, September 23, 2001


In northeastern Pennsylvania, cool weather, fall foliage, and football games herald the arrival of fall. In the Land of 5 Mountains, one more unmistakable sign is the annual Bloomsburg Fair That's where Mr. TOC and I are headed today. THE FAIR.

Miles of artery clogging delicacies await us! Vegetables dipped in batter and fried in lardo, Top 'o the Cholesterol Heap (a.k.a. Beef), and the like.

There's always the "food of the year". Last year it was the "Blueberry Lady" who's stand had the longest lines. Baked goods made with homegrown berries! Muffins, cookies, etc. There's also the "gimmick of the year".. some THING that everyone feels compelled to buy.....along the lines of the non-existent dog on a leash thingy.

Gone are the old freak shows. They must be illegal. "See the boy with two heads........" "Flippers for feet........." "She's turning to stone.........Come see her now!" Alas, the "Hootchy Kootchy Shows" are also gone.......... "Come see the beautiful women....." the barker would chant while accompanied by a sampling of his scantily clad bevy. Now there's a memory not easily erased! Titillating sights for the pubescent males who would go to "Fair" with bobthecorgi and I.............. . Bob, remember Frank Millo (now a well respected NYC malpractice attorney) drooling at the sight of these "strippers'? Hehe.. Too bad we don't have pics!

At bobthecorgi's insistence I will be taking digital pics of THE FAIR. SO, stay tuned for