Friday, September 21, 2001

Tomorrow won't get here soon enough for mois........

My day started out fine. But, after I got to the hospital it went slowly down hill.

One of my patients developed severe laryngospasm (an anesthesia emergency) during a routine test. After a stat call to the ologist, (who was probably watching his millions become lesser millions in the market) and a lot of positive pressure ventilation.....the spasm broke. Voila! One life saved.

Next, we had to do a procedure which involved a sterile drawing of blood (30 cc= one ounce). My co-worker was unsuccessful times 3 so I started an IV and tried to draw the blood from it (usually a very succesful method). Not today.........took another IV start and we finally got 2/3 of the blood we needed.

Work day ended. I walked to my car. I pressed the unlock of the remote to be met by, not the usual 2-beep signal, dead silence. It was at this point I remembered parts of an overhead page earlier in the day........." owner of a silver blah-blah-blah......lights on.......blah blah blah......" DEAD BATTERY!

I called AAA. "They'll be there within the hour." HAH! and I'm the Queen of England. I went back into the hospital bought an ice cream and a magazine. I sat in the car and awaited my rescuer. Lo and behold: he was there within an hour. (my day is now looking up!

It's 9:00 P.M. I spent the last 4 hours getting ready for an "end of summer" picnic for family and friends at our house tomorrow.

Day is done .......gone the sun.......................Tomorrrow dawn's a new day. The brightest spot being tbobthecorgi is one of the invited guests. We'll do plenty of snickering and other such nonesense much to the dismay of our Mothers. They think we should have outgrown this stuff. Not a chance.

C'mon tomorrow!

Thursday, September 20, 2001


Someone once mentioned that we should all have our "fifteen minutes" of fame. This will be my dad's.

Poppy was born to immigrant parents on the 9th of June, 9th 1920. Pop was a twin. Amazingly, they both survived. Fraternal twins----born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Twins in our day are pretty ho-hum births but I imagine this caused quite a stir in the neighborhood in 1920. Phew, poor Gram.

Pop graduated from high school in 1938. As I write this I realize I have no idea exactly what he did from that point in his life until the begining of WWII. I imagine he worked at some non-skilled job locally. He enlisted in the army quickly after the declaration of war. He fought under Patton. He never really speaks of the war........ but he was a "tanker". He was in the second tank that went over the line in the Battle of the Bulge. The first one took a direct hit. Pop was lucky. He came home after the war.

After the war, Pop went to work in the anthracite coal mines in N.E. Pennsylvania. Once again, he was at war. The coal barons were the enemy. The miners were poorly paid and ill treated. They spent their days in poorly lit, cold, damp shafts extracting "hard coal" making the owners extremely wealthy.

He met my mom and they married on Sept. 18th. I came along on June 9th of the following year. (Pop, you devil you....<-------do the math! Hehe!)

SIx months after I was born, my mom received a terrifying message: "If you want to see you husband alive, you better get 'here" quickly". She had no drivers license at the time but put me in the car, dropped me off at Gram's, and sped off to a local hospital where Pop had been taken to die.

The shaft that Pop was working in that day had collapsed. Pop's hard hat had failed and his head was seriously crushed. Amazingly, he was conscious when my mom arrived. He recovered. His residuals are a bad sense of balance and a hearing problem that drives my mom crazy to this very day.

Poor mom went off to work at the cigar factory and Pop, unable to work for a few years, became a househusband. He became rather skilled at braiding my hair. My mom said she couldn't wait to get home some days just to see what hair-do I'd be sporting. He sometimes made over 18 braids on my head---------I picture a miniature Lithuanian Aunt Jemima. He was corn rowing my hair!

He eventually got back to work. He worked in factories and in his last working years was part of the housekeeping crew at a hospital where I worked as a nurse in the ICU. He just loved that job! He was so proud. The floors gleamed! Pop was one helluva housekeeper!

Pop worked until he was 76! Lithuanian work ethic in force here. Work long. Work hard.

Pop was 81 on his last birthday. . He's pretty fragile protoplasm nowadays. His hearing's almost gone, his gait is unsteady, and he doesn't see very well. He has a hard time breathing from his days in the mines. The hands that lovingly braided my hair are gnarled with painful arthritis.

He's 81. I'm very very lucky to still have him.

I love you, Poppy........

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

A thought......

Oxymoron:holy war

Tuesday, September 18, 2001


For the record, I would like to make it known that I offered to send my Mother over to get bin laden hours before dopey Regis offered to send that sniveling Kathy Lee. We want someone to make him sorry he was ever born, NOT to prepare him a quiche lorraine , don't we?

Monday, September 17, 2001

I was very surprised to see the Towers collapse. I am wondering if Bin Laden was surprised also.... how does one say, "HOLY SHIT" in Arabic ?

What's happening in Shickshinny?

For starters, my mother, age 70 plus, feels she had foreshadowing of the entire event. If she tells me one more time "I had a flag in my hand two weeks ago and I put it down." I am going to scream. God love her. Then she proceeds to give the Septagenarian view of the present situation which includes a pronunciation of the country Afghanistan that makes one cringe She could drive a sane person crazy in a heartbeat. She's at that age where she repeats everything about umpteen times. I say give her Osama Bin Laden as a captive audience for one week---------- THAT would fix his proverbial wagon. The creep would be begging for mercy. Or popping his cyanide capsules.

I spent the day shopping. (after getting my hair blonded <--legally blonde here.) Seems the folks here are heeding the President's advice.They are spending the greenback like it's going out of style. I haven't seen the stores this crowded since the last Christmas season. Their carts did not reflect any type of "hoarding" or "stocking-up" either. Too bad this wasn't reflected in today's stock market. Seems the Market has taken a dive..........personally, I don't give a flyin' crap about the market. We probably lost a significant amount today. But, I'm in for the long haul......if I have to eat 9-Lives if and when I retire----so be it. One of our secretaries and I had a plan to be "bag-ladies". We even perused the parking lots for carts once. We chose K-Mart carts.....nice size and they steered great. Florida for the colder months and back East for the summer. Sounds like a plan to me..........

Many "Old Glories" flying proudly here...............the stores have run out of flags.

Sunday, September 16, 2001

"Bless me Father for I have has been (use your imagination) since my last cleaning. Amen.

Confession time here............. I spent the entire day cooking and cleaning. Sorry to disappoint you clandestine nor illlegal acts. During times of great stress, I clean and cook. Some folks eat. I clean and cook. My husband kiddingly told me "......perhaps, war should break out more often!" as he sat down to a dinner of mustard glazed rosemary pork chops garnished with quartered Granny Smith apples , baby red potatoes (swathed in garlic (garlic, and more garlic plus various other tantalizing spices), and extra long asaparugus swimming in butter and a delightful salad. (usually during dinners like this he demands to see my recent credit card purchases)

Preparation of this meal took place after I cleaned (and I mean "top to bottom" ) the living room and dining room (we did not eat in the dining room-----that I save for when I (or some member of this family )did something........hmmmmmmmm....unusual (i.e. like the time two of our cats peed on Mr. TOC's hunting rifles and ruined some coating they have called "bluing" ) Some events just go over better with candlelight.

I really truly hope this is not a long war (for other than the apparent reason) cause you should see the garage.

Oy, Matka Boja!!!!(polish = Mother of God)