Saturday, September 15, 2001

LIfe goes on's not the same but life goes on.
Flags are flying everywhere.
There's a new interest in the sky when a plane flies overhead..........
People are saying "I love you" with greater frequency
People from all walks of life, color, race, and ethnicity are pulling together in this time of great travesty
Bipartisanship has taken back seat as politicians rally in support of our President
Mss Liberty remains standing to greet those who arrive and those who choose to leave. She stands tall.

Out of chaos and confusion come change. This time it looks like most of it will be for the better.

Too bad it took a tragedy of this magnitude, isn't it?

Friday, September 14, 2001

The Colors of Freedom

God Bless America

Wednesday, September 12, 2001


Two of our surgeons, an orthopod and a general surgeon, headed to N.J. late last night. Due to recent reports I've heard, it seems the need for their skills is highly unlikely. The number of injured is critically low. Most are dead.

I am amazed at some of the reports coming out. One stewardess used her cell phone to report the seat numbers and descriptions of the terrorists involved. Reports are filtering out of the alleged terrorists homes being searched in Florida, Broward County.

Flight simulators at 800-900,000 (pocket change for these people?) were used to train the pilots. I am wondering who financed this attack?

I wonder if anyone in the Towers got on the Internet and sent out emails? (to loved one, friends, etc.)

I am still in shock. I am still scared. I am wondering what is next.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Night has fallen on the East Coast

Night has fallen. The air is rich with anxiety, fear, and anticipation. Families gathered together to listen to the President's speech. The speech was well executed, brief, and to the point. The foundation of Democracy cannot be destroyed. .

The prayers of my family tonite are for those lost to this devastating event and for America.


As we watch the events unfolding in the east there is a general feeling of uneasy anticipation. What is next? All school and universities were dismissed. All sporting events are cancelled. Families are together.

30 minutes north of Shickshinny is the largest communication center on the east coast. All known security actions are now in effect. Communications must be maintained at all costs.

Afghanistan is being bombed at this moment.

The President speaks at 9 pm est to the nation.

I have chills as I type this....I am living my worst nightmare. War on American soil. You all are aware by now, NYC has been decimated by terrorists. My family and I are safe in Pennsylvania at this point in time. The bad news is that I am 3 miles from a very large and active nuclear power plant. The ride home takes me right past this plant. It is surrrounded by State Police. Upon entering downtown, I saw a large SUV vehicle with Ga. plates plainly marked "Bomb Disposal".

I will attempt to keep you all posted. Special love to my friends at for their love and concern.

It is my opinion that we are not a nation that will live in fear. We must support our President 100%. United we stand: divided we fall.

Monday, September 10, 2001

Not an interesting life? HAH!

Seven things I did today:
1.Cleaned up 52 lbs.of animal hair that had migrated underneath the refrigerator.
2.Bought a desk pad at Staples for my new oak desk.
3.Spent 14 minutes trying to catch Harry the Rabbit. (he hides behind my bed: I am in fear of his chewing it)
4. Proved to my husband that instead of driving all the way to the B&N bookstore surfing the internet would be more productive. (I must stop this or I will have to jockey for computer time.
5.Spent 5 hours bored to death while in the OR. (It was a repeat hip surgery. I put the drapes up high and arranged all the medications in the anesthesia cart perfectly~! It's quite the sight)
6. Made a perfect cup of Jackson's of Picadilly Irish Breakfast tea. (my friend from Houston mails me ten boxes of 25 at a time cause I can't get it in Shickshinny. Shocked, aren't you?
7. Told my husband how perfect in every way he is.......(several times)

Stay tuned to theothercheek for the motive behind #7

Today I met : "TIMMY"

While strolling the halls of the hospital today, I met up with a most unusual couple. Nothing odd about the big guy.......but his little friend is not usually seen trotting down a hospital corridor. "Timmy" is a dog. He looked like a runofthemill fetchtheball kindadog. Nope. Turns out Timmy is a Service Dog. (He was wearing the official 4X5 service dog tag)

The owner doesn't have epilepsy. He's not deaf, blind, or handicapped. He's a narcoleptic. Since his adoption of Timmy, he has not had a single episode of narcolepsy.

Strange but true. I searched the net for info on service dogs for narcopleptics and found zip, zero, nada. Placebo effect? Not sure.

Off they strolled..........a pretty unusual site in a hospital. I really must get out of the OR more often. Never know what you'll run into out there, huh?