Saturday, September 08, 2001

Fer Gawd's Sake, It's Only FREAKING August........

'Twas four months before Christmas and all thru the stores,
the trees have been decorated by retailing bores. I grab all my credit cards and run through for my car
I really insist
this has gone too freakin' far!
August. It's only freakin' August. But, the retailers have started "IT" already. Some of the bastahd's started last could see this merchandise oozing ever so slowly into view. "Self," I said shuddering at the sight of it, "this ain't right."

It's now August and they are getting bolder, and bolder and BOLDER !

Every year they shove the Christmas Season down our gullets earlier and earlier. They must stop this madness!

I don't know about you but, I have a hard enough time facing this holiday in December. What the hell are these retailers thinking??????? Don't they realize I need rebound time? Last Christmas was just this past December, wasn't it? I'm still recovering from that one. Have they no mercy?

What's next? Instead of "after"- Christmas sales will they be called "pre"-Christmas sales? in January? That would give them an even earlier start on making me crazy. (me? go crazy? Ha-ha! Short trip, I'll drive)

And, another thing... have any of you tried to purchase summer clothing after July 4th? HA! You don't stand a bloody chance. After July 4th the freakin' school clothes appear in the stores. July 4th, 90 degrees, and they have WOOL coats on the racks. That makes me want to vomit.

I long for the days when the Christmas season started sometime in November. I want to be able to buy a pair of shorts after the 4th of July. I want to buy Halloween things in October not July or August. I want to be able to buy a winter coat in January not a bathing suit.

You'll have to excuse me, I really must run................... 'cause it's almost September ..............and I have some freakin' eggs to dye.

Friday, September 07, 2001

Never let your husband read your blog.......
if it's about him..

Yikes, had no idea the old boy was reading over my shoulder. He has taken great offense at the satire of his driving tactics. Guess we'll have to do something special for his birthday, now won't we?

Send birthday greetings to the Old Boy at, puhleeze. Help TOC smooth things over............

Thanks. P.S. He's gone. All the statements about his driving are 100% on the money. Hehe..................O:)


Yeppers, we put over 1800 miles on the Rav4....1800 miles driven soley by Mr. TOC. He says I scare him when I drive............(No comment)

Observing him for all these miles has prompted the following rules of the road Mr. TOC-style:
1. Drive as fast as you can when in an area that you have never been in before in your whole life. (This little gem had me viewing the highlights of my life when we "almost" missed an exit while driving 75 miles per hour on a southern interstate. I looked to my right and was able to count the nose hairs of the very unattractive tractor trailer driver who was already on the exit.)

2. When the car is very near empty you must continue to shop for gas. The station right down the road just might be 2 cents cheaper. (And have better restrooms and coffee)

3. Never use turn signals. Mr. TOC believes in privacy. Ain't no one on any damn road or byway that needs to know where HE is going to go next. This IS the land of the free.

4. Always tailgate in the passing lane. If you slow down, someone just might get ahead of you. The closer you get the more likely the driver in front of you wll notice you are in a great hurry and yield the lane to you. (Either that or they will slam on their brakes and y'all can get to know each other intimately over the police report)

5. Never believe any material written by AAA. They've only been in business for a bazillion years. How could they ever know that City A is 100 miles from City B ? Mr. TOC certainly knows better.

Yes, 1800 miles driven soley by Mr. TOC because I scare him. Still no comment.

Tuesday, September 04, 2001


Still on vacation.....still married..........................still shopping for that Antiques Roadshow find that will net me over 490,.000...............still crazy after all these years.

Mr. TOC at 5"10" and 170 lbs. eating his way across the states. Where does that man put that food?

Shopping till I drop. Antiquing till I find that $$$$$ piece.

I think all this togetherness is giving me a migraine. Gotta run..................................there's a lot of antiquing to be done.

And, for those of you who are worried. I am not going near the ocean. ANd, it has nothing to do with those that got eaten in the past week. I have always hated the ocean and know I know why. It's scary out there.

Sunday, September 02, 2001

Lordy, Lordy! We are truly in the 21st Century.........................Land Sake's Alive... The Hotel we are at has internet access. Voila! And, they said it couldn't be done! Start spreading the news!

Theothercheek is back in business, baby!

Ciao, y'all as they say here in North Carolina.