Saturday, August 25, 2001

Day is done............

Phew! We're finally home. It was a long day. We started out this morning at an antique auction about 15 miles from home. (We deal in vintage and antique items. Pottery is our main focus) Not much there for we left bids, got in the car, and drove back home.

Put the finishing touches on the Mouse/Pig/Cat and heated up the pierogi. By the way, the Pig/Mouse/Cat vessel looked great. I added a tropical flower behind one ear. Then, off to the coworker's party.

Great food ! The Pig/Mouse/Cat was a huge hit. I guess I don't look "domestic" .........cause most of my co-workers were amazed at the creation. I can cook most of them under the table any day. Looks can be deceiving! Haha!

Party number two was right next door. These folks were the pierogi recipients. Once again the TOC creation dazzled them!

You don't think I'm turning into a Foo-Foo, do you?

Friday, August 24, 2001

Mouse or Pig? You be the judge!

We were invited to not one, but two end of summer picnics tomorrow. It is customary in the Land of the 5 Mountains to bring a favored delicacy. A special treat to be shared by one and all.

We just finished making the delicacy for the first gala event! Two large trays of american style pierogi (pirohy) <----Polish for many calories from fat! "American Style" It is the "lazy" deviation from the standard labor intensive crescent shaped pierogi. After dealing with 10 lbs. of potatoes, 4 lbs. of cheese, and other ingredients, I sit here exhaustedly mulling over the definition of the word lazy.

The piece de resistance will be one of the centerpieces at the second fun filled happening. Scads of fresh homegrown fruit must be cut up at the last moment. Melons, berries, peaches! (The dip is done and chilling in the fridge.) This is the vessel awaiting them:

We can't decide whether he looks more like a mouse or a pig <--see attempt at corkscrew tail)

Mouse or pig? You be the judge! Let us know!


It's my time to shine! It's my favorite season of the year!

FALL............ It's the reason I'll never establish permanent residence in a non-seasonal type area. The sky is blue with big white puffy clouds.....the air is crisp and clean. Believe it or not, the leaves here are beginning to turn colors already. It's warm and sunny during the day and cool at night. I could go on and on and on... BUT, a picture is worth ten thousand words so..........

So Take a look..........

Welcome to



God's Country

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Today was different.

Nursing. That's what I do for a living. More specifically, I pass gas. Most days it's pretty routine. Put 'em out, wake 'em up, and start all over again. Not much of a chance for interaction with the clientele.

This morning I was walking down the hall and noticed her in one of the Same Day Surgery pre-op beds. Call it woman's intuition or nursing sixth sense but I knew she'd be one of the cases in my room today. She was.

We run a pretty packed OR schedule, I don't often have a chance to go down to SDS and introduce myself as part of the anesthesia team to my patients. But, today was different. I got to spend some time preop with her and her family. .Although we are a generation apart , we have a lot in common. Her first name and mine are the same. Our birth months are different but the date is the same. We're both left handed and only children. We both love to travel.

Like two old friends we went off to the operating room. Larry, the orderly, was helping. She kiddingly called Larry a "great driver". We got to the OR and she introduced herself to everyone. She's got a great smile.

Her eye surgery was uneventful. I escorted her out to the recovery room. She was a tad groggy but was able to say "Thank You, I can see better now. You are a pretty Christine!"

Not many of my patients ever say thank you. Most don't even think about it.

We are a lot alike but there was one major difference. My new friend has Down's Syndrome. She made me feel good again about nursing.

No, Christine.Thank you.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Husbands and Vacations

Yeppers, that's right. Me, the Mister, and the open road for ten whole days.

Ten days. Ten long days. Ten days of motoring with the man who is the "Master of Answering a Question with a Question".He never answers any questions. He responds by asking another question. It drives me mad.

Actual conversation between me and the Mr.

ME: "Did your mother give you the recipe that I wanted?"
Mr. TOC.:"When did you tell me to ask her for it?"
ME:"Did your mother give you the recipe?"
Mr. TOC: "Is that what your making for the neighbor's party on Saturday?"
ME: "I am only asking this one more time...........DID YOUR MOTHER GIVE YOU THE GODDAMNED RECIPE OR NOT?"
Mr. TOC: "Do you always have to get so foul mouthed?"

I rest my case.

For those of you who are more in the mood for romanticism, please see todays post for bobthecorgi

Forever Friends Part 5


The cheese stands alone. Here is bobthecorgi, but where is theothercheek?

The cheese never stood alone. Haha! I was there in thought. OMG, these other kids are certainly are at that "awkward" stage , aren't they?

BTC: We have moved to junior high school. The othercheek felt it would be uncool to pose for a class picture at this stage of the game, so she had a failure to appear. I had to stand next to the annoying j.b.
See how she was trying to emulate me by copying my trendy v-neck jumper? TOC: Now here's a collectible item. Probably the only photo in 18 years that does not feature Two Cheeks of the Same Ass together. Perhaps, I had a bad hair day, an 8th grade zit, an emotional teen crisis......???????????
Perhaps, I was home sleeping?
Jr. High---"they" separated us into classes based on intelligence. These are the "gifted and talented". OMG! I think that is sooooooo amusing.
This was the year we truly thought we would be separated for good. Our parents, evidently, had their prayers go unanswered once again. Thanks, God!
That annoying J.B. disappeared shortly after this photo was taken. Her parents put her in St. A's Academy. Served her arse right. Her parents had MONEY. They did not want us to taint her. I think she wound up tainted anyway.

Monday, August 20, 2001


I am off to AAA tomorrow. I will be getting maps, maps, and more maps. Mr. TOC wants maps. Maps of all the states we will be motoring through on our upcoming vacation. Why the hell he wants these maps is beyond my wifely comprehension......... this is the man who never gets lost. Mac Marine. Mr. Built in Compass. Chief Findtheway. Why, HE found his way through Vietnam with nothing but the sun and shadows to lead the way.

Well, he thinks he's never lost. I wish I had a buck for every time he knew "exactly" where he was going. If I had that buck, I'd be getting on a plane and flying off without him to parts unknown.................... Leaving him to mull over all the maps from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.


Sunday, August 19, 2001


12 days
288 hours
17280 minutes
1036800 seconds

The countdown begins.