Saturday, July 28, 2001

Martha Stewart is a four-letter word

Exactly what is the fascination with this woman? I don't get it. What mortal woman would ever chose to emulate this monster disguised in a blue oxford shirt with her preppy tie dyed hairdo?

I am the she-devil Anti-martha! As Un-Martha as they come. Never had it ....never will!

So, who thinks that I look like George Clooney?

Mega thanks to KD for help in posting this picture!

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Monday, July 23, 2001

Theothercheek Speaks.........

Starbucks Shmarbucks!

Starting the day with a great cup of coffee is very important to theothercheek.Some friends of mine in Houston, Dave and Dick, invested over $400 in a Starbucks Cappucino machine. The first one to arise in that house gathers all the ingredients and sets off to make a great cup of Java. Convenient. Good Java.Time to collect one's thoughts in the comfort of one's own home.

Theothercheek has not invested in a Starbucks machine. TOC arises early in the am, gets showered and dressed, and drives to the local Stop and Rob for a cup of cappucino. The ritual here is almost as important as the Java. First, a good morning to Sonja, the Stop and Rob Hostess Extraordinaire. A brief conversation ensues with other Stop and Rob regulars. (Clyde, the biker: Penny, daughter of the Hostess with the Mostess, the Lottery Lady, and Marty, the Pool Man)

Then, its off to the cappucino machine......a huge, shiny, industrial machine which houses the best cappucino in the state of Pennsylvania. This machine and I are on the best of terms. I open the door and jiggle the container which holds the magic powder.........then, press the button ! It gurgles a morning greeting to me.....ah........looks good.. just the right blend of powder this am. Add some coffee, a little cream, cap it, and I am off to "take on the day!".

My friends may have their Starbucks machine but I am one step ahead of them! I have a morning social event with my cup of Cappucino!

Starbucks Shmarbucks! You couldn't pay me enough to replace the social event which accompanies my cup of cappucino every am at the local Stop and Rob!

"Small Town, USA". Don't ya just love it?!?!?! I do.